For any inquiries or comments please read the following.
Please read the following "Inquiry Notes" and "Frequently Asked Questions."

Inquiry Notes

  • Please be aware that depending on the content of the inquiry, we will not be able to reply or may take some time to reply.
  • Our permission is required for posting or secondary use of all or part of our response.

Frequently Asked Questions

For press requests for our works, merchandise and other matters:

For press requests for our works, merchandise and other matters, each show has a different point of contact so please contact the applicable show's website.

Animation production and commercial production requests:

For companies and local governments that wishe to inquire about such projects, please contact through the contact method below with information such as budget and schedule.
Please also be aware that we do not accept request / commission for such projects from the general public.

I would like to make a proposal of my own work or project:

At our company, we do not accept pitch, script, idea or other sorts of suggestions from the general public. If any materials are sent, such materials will be destroyed without being opened.

I want to visit / tour the studio.:

Due to show production, we are not accepting such requests from individuals or groups.

I want to interview for a report or ask a question:

We do not comply with such requests from the general public or students.

I want to send my opinion about a show:

We will not be able to respond but opinions received will be shared throughout the company.

I want to use the image, video and/or sound that is on your website:

Each show's rights belong to each rights owner. All individuals, legal entities, for profit or not for profit use is prohibited without permission from the rights owner.

About personal information:

For any personal information sent to us, will be managed responsibly and if there is any case of use, such use will be revealed or notified to the person, and its use will be limited to the informed use.
Unless it is legally required to reveal the personal information with just cause, the information will not be provided or shared with a third party.

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