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Uchoten Kazoku 2
(The Eccentric Family 2)

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P.A.WORKS 15th Anniversary Exhibit will be held at OTAKON 2016!

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■Event Name:OTAKON 2016
■Exhibit Dates:August12 (Fri.) ~ August 14 (Sun.)
■Location:Baltimore Convention Center
■Booth No:Undecided

P.A.WORKS will be participating at Otakon 2016, held at Baltimore, Maryland, USA on August 12 to 14th, 2016. At the event, the P.A.WORKS 15th Anniversary Exhibit will be held. The exhibit will be held with various artworks from animation series that P.A.WORKS has worked on through out its 15 years since birth. Accompanying the exhibit, there will be special display featuring areas of Japan that has worked with the studio such as Toyama prefecture, Takaoka City, Nanto City, and Kanazawa City (Yuwaku hot springs). The exhibit will also feature otaku craftsmen group from Takaoka City, Taka Otacraft, and will have their traditional Japanese craft to otaku collaboration craft items on display.

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P.A.WORKS 15th Anniversary Exhibit will be held at Anime Expo 2016!
P.A.WORKS English website has launched!

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P.A.WORKS will be exhibiting at Anime Expo 2016, the largest anime convention in North America held at Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC).

It's the 15th birth year of P.A.WORKS! To share this joyous moment in time, P.A.WORKS is inviting everyone at Anime Expo 2016 for a special exhibit! Come over to the Entertainment Hall to see our 15th Anniversary Exhibit, with production artworks and items used in our anime productions. The exhibit includes things from true tears, Angel Beats!, Hanasaku Iroha, The Eccentric Family, SHIROBAKO, Charlotte, and all the way to our newest title Kuromukuro! Let's share in this celebratory moment together!

■Event Name:Anime Expo 2016
■Exhibit Dates:July 1st (Fri.) ~ July 4th (Mon.)
■Booth No:West Hall 8

At the same time as the Anime Expo 2016 exhibit and internet streaming of “Kuromukuro” begins, P.A.WORKS will launch its official English website, Twitter, and Facebook.
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