Akiba Maid War


Spring 1999

The end of the 20th century. A lone girl comes to Akihabara, following her dream to become a maid. "Akiba" is packed with maid cafes of all stripes and persuasions. One of them, the Oinky Doink Cafe, a.k.a. the "Piglet House," is looking to welcome new faces! The girl starts working at the cafe along with another newbie, and her life quickly becomes a topsy-turvy adventure filled with maid fandoms, drillmasters, Extra-Akiba Terrestrials (EATs), and red bat-wielding menaces! When life takes a swing at you, the only thing to do is go the whole hog!

Masters and mistresses, open the door to a world where maids do battle every day to bring home the bacon. "We'll be waiting to welcome you home, oink!"


Original Story: Kedamono Land Business Strategy Office
Director: Souichi Masui
Series Composition: Yoshihiro Hiki
Animation Character Design / Chief Animation Director: Manabu Nii
Art Director: Kohei Honda
Art setting: Risa Iraha
Color Design: Naomi Nakano
Prop settings: Kenji Irie / Kayoko Nabeta
Director of Photography: Rumi Ishiguro
3D Director: Kohei Ogawa
Special Effect: Masahiro Murakami
Editor: Ayumu Takahashi
Music: Yoshihiro Ike
Music Production: Cygames
Sound Director: Satoki Iida
Sound effects: Katsuhiro Nakano
Sound Production: dugout
Production: P.A.WORKS

©Akiba Maid War Production Committee