The Eccentric Family / Uchoten Kazoku

The Eccentric Family / Uchoten Kazoku


The Shimogamo family is a family of raccoon dogs “tanukis” that live in the Tadasunomori Forest at Shimogamo Shrine. Their father, Soichiro, was the leader of the Tanuki society, but one day, for some mysterious reason, he was served as a tanuki dish.
Yasaburo, the 3rd son of Soichiro, has inherited his father’s “fool’s blood” the most, and surrounded by his siblings and mother, he is living an entertaining life, with the motto of “What’s FUN is GOOD.” Yachiro, the 1st born of Soichiro, is very serious but weak to pressure. Yajiro, the 2nd child of Soichiro, has transformed himself into a frog and never leaves his well. Yashiro, the 4th son of Soichiro, is always revealing his tail. Their mother is crazy about Takarazuka performances.
Yasaburo who looks after his retired master, the great tengu yokai, Akadama sensei, gets tossed around by Benten, a human woman who has acquired magic, and holds an aerial battle with their nemesis, the Ebisugawa family, during the Gozan fire festival. Then, suddenly, the reason why their father was served as a meal is revealed!


Tomihiko Morimi ("Uchoten-Kazoku" / GENTOSHA)

Masayuki Yoshihara

Series Composition / Script:
Shotaro Suga

Original Character Design:
Koji Kumeta

Character Designer / General Director of Animation:
Kosuke Kawatsura

Art Director:
Yusuke Takeda / Harumi Okamoto

Composite Director:
Satoshi Namiki

Color Design:
Katsue Inoue

3D Director:
Kazuya Sugo

Ayumu Takahashi

Yoshiaki Fujisawa

Music Producer:
Yoshiyuki Ito

Music Production:

Sound Director:
Jin Aketagawa

Sound Effects Production:
Magic Capsule

Animation Producer:
Kenji Horikawa

Line Producer:
Shoji Soma

Animation Production:

Uchoten-Kazoku Committee

©Tomihiko Morimi,GENTOSHA / Uchoten-Kazoku Committee