The Day I Became a God


The day she became a goddess, the world began to move toward its demise…

During the last summer vacation of high school, Yota Narukami is busy preparing for university entrance exams. One day, Hina, a girl who claims to be an “omniscient goddess,” suddenly appears before him.
“This world will end 30 days from now.”
Yota is bewildered by her pronouncement, but after she demonstrates her godlike power of precognition before his eyes, he’s convinced that she’s the real thing. However, despite possessing supernatural power, Hina is both innocent and naïve. Somehow it’s decided that she’ll move in with Yota, and the two become housemates. A lively summer begins as they get ready for the end of the world.


Director: Yoshiyuki Asai
Original Concept / Screenplays / Musical Score: Jun Maeda
Original Character Design: Na-Ga
Animated Character Designer / Chief Animation Director: Manabu Nii
Music: MANYO / Jun Maeda
Music Production: VisualArt’s
Sound Director: Satoki Iida
Animation Production: P.A.WORKS