Fairy gone


Once upon a time, fairies were tools of war...
In this world, there are fairies, a mysterious beings that possess animals and originate supernatural power.
Humans have found a way to implant these possessed animal's organs into humans and actualize fairies as an avatar and use them as weapons.
Soldiers that use these fairies as weapons of war are called fairy soldiers.
The long war is over and these soldiers lose their place in society. Some works for the government, some hired by the mafia, and some became terrorists. They chose various paths.

It has been 9 years since the war.
The world is still unstable and the world is filled with criminals who originated from the devastation of war.
These criminals chose terrorism as their way fo revenge.
Mariya the protagonist, joins Dorothea, and governmental organization that investigates and surpasses crimes related to illegal fairy activities.


Five fairy scholars

Kenichi Suzuki

Series Composition/ Screenplay:
Ao Jyumonji

Original Character Design/Original Fairy Design:
Haruhisa Nakata

Animation Character Design:
Takako Shimizu

Art Director:
Junichi Hgashi

Color Design:
Naomi nakano

Director of Photography:
tsunetaka ema

3D Director:
koutarou shishido, motonari ichikawa

Kiyoshi Hirose

Sound Director:
Jin Aketagawa

Sound effect:
Tsutomu Ueno

Music Producer:

Production Studio: